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Optimizing your website to work best for you
Today's Restaurant Internet Exclusive
Saturday, 28 February 2015 01:05

OptimizingBy: Fred Slabine

When it comes to marketing, especially on the online arena, there is so much your business can achieve with a good website. Most people shop online or will search for something in the cyber space before they can make the decision to buy or where to buy. Naturally, you want to be the one potential customers find when they come looking.

SERP ranking
One of the major benefits of having a good website is ranking well on the first pages or a search engine report. This can only be achieved if your website is optimized to be both user and crawler friendly. When your website appears top in the Search Engine Results Page (Serps), you are better placed to get more traffic to your website and more traffic translates to more sales, which is the whole point of online marketing. The top 3 organic results are the most clicked upon which is why top positioning matters so much.

User friendly sites
The least you can do in having a website for your business is to make sure that the user has an easy time while there. A good website is easy to navigate through and has all the relevant information well presented. This will ensure that previous visitors visit the site again whenever they are looking for goods and services you are offering.

On the map
When using SEO for business websites, it is always good to incorporate local SEO. This will place your business on the map and therefore point customers to where you are located physically.

How to make this work for you
When you decide to cut an online presence for your business, make sure you do it well. Go the whole 9 yards. This may be costly on the onset but that is the only time you will have to bear the costs. Here is what you can do:

  1. Get a good web designer. Get someone professionals to do your website for you. Someone who will use the latest tools and provide hosting services to you.
  2. Update and optimize your current website for the search engines, and offer compelling informative content to make sure you are relevant and that you meet the search engine requirements whenever they upgrade. Update videos and photos where necessary to keep with the changing trends in business and presentation.
  3. Content is always king. Make sure that your website is informative and interesting. Include nice and clear photographs. Videos work well for most people as long as you make them as entertaining as possible.
  4. Build some personality. Consumers are turned off by the normal marketing jargon and catch phrase. Make sure that your website presents all information with a personal and human feel to it. Keeping things conversational will never keep you from having authority in your industry. The point is to make the user experience as human as possible.
  5. Geo-targeting is good for the local search. This is especially true for small service provision businesses. Associate your business with its geographical location so that you attract traffic from potential customers in your state, city or neighborhood.
  6. Improve the load time for your website. This is very important if you want to improve traffic to your website. Make sure that your website is able to load as fast as possible when users click on the links. A user will lose interest on a website that loads slowly and will probably look elsewhere. Google also awards points for loading speeds that are in-turn used in serp rankings. To make sure that pages load faster, reduce image and banner sizes. You can also use cache plugins to improve loading speeds.

It is worth pointing out that achieving a good online presence and reputation is not something you will achieve overnight but in due time, the benefits will be worth the effort. As a matter of fact if you do climb the search engine ranking pages too fast the search engines will down grade you as they will feel you are gaming the system, and that is another reason why they are constantly changing what is important to rank highly in the SERPS.

Fred Slabine/President
Palm Beach County Affordable Online Marketing

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