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Recently I read an article regarding culinary trends for 2017. One item that was mentioned caught my eye because I have always thought that Today’s Restaurant should have a Travel column. The mentioned item was Culinary Vacations, in fact we posted the article on our website entitled “Culinary Cultural Immersion a Foodie-Forward Travel Trend” (Can be found in Archives of Landing Pages)

Food Tourism is hot and tourists want to visit exotic places and immerse themselves in the local cuisine and culture. I think celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern have awakened a desire to experience a foreign culture as a local would. I know that when we travel we always look for the places off the beaten path that the locals go to for meals away from home. There are so many hidden gems out there that get overlooked in this fast food, quick serve world we are living in.

Here’s an example of how you as a restaurant owner can possibly profit from this trend. For example, you are the owner of an Italian or Greek restaurant and you have been to your country of origin to visit or you have family there. How about organizing a trip for your customers to experience the culture that makes your restaurant so wonderful? Everyone knows about Rome and Athens but how many tourists know about the small towns and villages where the local folks would love to welcome a group of tourists led by a native son or daughter. If you ask me nicely I’ll organize a group to go to the Bronx for a trip with foods from around the world. LOL

You may say to yourself, “I know how to run a restaurant, I’m not a tour guide” Don’t worry. I have friends in the travel business who would love to work with you on organizing the trip. Remember you need time to set up the dates, transportation, accommodations and culinary experiences. It takes work but what an opportunity to cement your relationship with some of your loyal customers. I have a friend in the travel business who organizes trips to Europe and Africa for corporate chain accounts who invite their customers to join them for a once in a lifetime experience.

Getting back to my original idea about a Travel column, we have been invited and have accepted an invitation to spend three days at a resort in…. to sample the ambiance and cuisine available in this part of the U.S. I don’t want to reveal the location yet, but the story will appear in our May or June issue. I can’t wait to see what new adventures we can report back to you about. If you want to invite Today’s Restaurant to your hotel, resort or private island just get in touch with me. We will not do reviews, just straight reporting about your property and what you provide. I hope where ever we go we meet some great people and make new friends as Anthony and Andrew do on their shows. Bon Apetit and Bon Voyage. Italy anyone?