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Can a losing restaurant become a profitable business?
Today's Restaurant Internet Exclusive
Thursday, 17 April 2014 21:55

Joe HPBy Joe Dunbar

In this month’s mail, I received an urgent request for assistance from a reader.  Normally, I follow up on these requests with a phone call.  Most of my work involves consulting projects in the U.S.  Occasionally, I work in Canada or the Caribbean.  Since the reader was from Bahrain, I decided to answer him with a blog post.

Every year, I receive a number of requests for help from failing restaurants.  It is important to keep in mind many of these operators should close the door ASAP.  They need to evaluate their business plan.  Successful restaurant startups normally complain about being under staffed, running out of food, long lines out the door, etc.

Much like real estate, the restaurant business depends on a great location.  Operators pay premium rents to locate in a high traffic space.

The letter follows:

Dear Sir,

Trust you are well & fine? This is Sanjeev from Bahrain, Arabian Gulf. 

I'm working as Cost Control Manager. We are connected through linkedin and I'm taking the privilege to write to you.

One of our board members, who is a business man here in Bahrain, runs a small restaurant which is showing a big loss. 

What could be the basic reasons for it? 

Please see the details of the restaurant below:

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